Thursday, September 27, 2012

Influence of Mark Zuckerberg for My Life

Mark Zuckerberg is a founder of Facebook~
             Mark Zuckerberg's life, gives me a model of life. I know, Mark Zuckerberg is a founder of Facebook. When I read his article, for me he is a great person. 
            Mark Zuckerberg also gives me some effects of his life. I get many effects from him. In my youth, I attract to do something new. I want to be a successful person like Mark Zuckerberg. I learn something that as a human, I have to try, and if it is failed, I must stand up and never give up. 
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife- Priscilla Chan
            Mark Zuckerberg is my inspiration. He can give motivation for me. I think, he has proved that is not something cannot we do. When I read his achievement, I know he is a hard-worker person. 
           The things which I have learnt from him. In my life, I have to made something useful. Thus, I can conclude something in a quote, "For me, better to loss your youth than loss your future." Thus, as long as I am young, try to make my big dream become reality. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Idol : Show Lo! ♥

Show Lo with Babu~♥
Hi everyone! This is my first time to write a blog. For this time, I want to share to all of you guys about my idol, Show Lo ☺ Anyone who adore him like me? LOL. Show Lo is a taiwanese actor, singer, and host. I have adored him since 5 years ago. If you ask me why I can adore him, I will answer your question :D Mmm, I adore him because he is HANDSOME man~of course! And totally cute face. Haha. I think, he is a loyal artist to his fans. Every year, he also celebrates a party. You can call it "SFC Party". The party is made to give an appreciate for all of his fans who has support and love his creation. If you stay in Indonesia, like me, you will join that party in Singapore. Before you join that party, you have to join as a SFC member. SFC is a Show Fans Club. Surely, you have to pay a member fee. Your money can't useless because if you join as a SFC member, you will get a lot of benefit. If you come to that party, you can take a picture with him <-- AWESOME. Do you want to hug him? He will hug you too <-- KIND-HEARTED person! ☺ If you want to buy his album, you will get a special price! You also like an exclusive member ☺ Aahh, too much reason why I can adore him like this. For me, he is multi talented artist. He has won a lot of award. I will post some picture of him so check them out! Hopefully, you enjoy my blog and I will post another article asap~! xoxo 

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