Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Everyday's Hero : As a Housewife As a Seamstress

               My neighbour is a seamstress. My neighbour's name is Ririn. She gives me a model of life. I know she is a eamstress and a housewife. For me she is a wonderful woman. 
            There are good and bad things become a seamstress and a housewife. I know if I become a housewife, I will get tired. I think it is not an easy roles. If I have more than one occupation, so I have to responsibility. 
            She has a lot of roles. I want to be a strong housewife like her. I want to do something useful in my spare time. For me, being a housewife is a lofty work. 
            The things which I have learnt from her. I have to endure all happily in my life. Obviously, become a housewife is not an easy work. 


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