Friday, November 16, 2012

The Soul of Business

             On Friday, 9th November 2012, I did my interview with a Medan food businessman. He is Mr. Nedianto. Mr. Nedianto has his cafe at Babakan Jeruk V no. 1. He gave me a model of life. I know, he is the owner of Nikmat cafe. For me, he is a great person. I talked with him about 45 minutes. 
             Mr. Nedianto tells me about his business. He tells me one by one of the hard things to start his business. In my youth, I have to do something useful. For starting the first business, it is not an easy thing. I want to be successful like Mr. Nedianto. If I face some problems, I do not give up. 

Me, Mr. Nedianto, and Mr. Nedianto's wife
Mr. Nedianto
             For me, he is a great person because for starting his business, Mr. Nedianto got a dream from God to start his business. He can give a motivation for me. I think, he can prove what the dream from God become reality. I think, from his struggle, he is a hard worker person. 
             I got a lot of things from Mr. Nedianto. The things which I had learnt from him are in my life, I have to made something useful. As a person, I have to belief and surrender to the God. 

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